The Paradox MG Series – All About Paradox MG5050 Alarms

Perhaps you’ve just been quoted up an MG5050 series? Wondering what that is?

This article has been written to share with you the benefits of the MG5050 series, and also talk about the other model alarm systems Paradox sells.

Crosbies Security almost exclusively sell Paradox alarm systems for Auckland homes and businesses.

Although we can source almost all brands (if you desire a particular brand), we shifted to reducing our product offering to make selecting an alarm system more simple for our customers.

In choosing the right alarm system we wanted to offer a 5 year warranty on the product.

We looked at numerous alarm brands to cover off capability, technology, reliability and design – and Paradox came out on top each time.

Paradox offer 3 models of system. The Paradox MG (Magellan) series, the Paradox SP (Spectra) series and the Paradox Evo series.

The most common types of Paradox burglar alarms for homes and businesses are the SP and MG series. (For example, the SP4000, SP5500 or MG5050 would be common systems on alarm quotes)

So how do you know what is right for you?

The MG5050 Paradox Alarm System Series vs The Spectra Series

Often, I see the MG5050 series being quoted for even basic, entry level alarm systems.

The MG5050 system is more expensive than the SP4000 or SP5500 – so what exactly is it offering that the Spectra series isn’t?

In brief, the best way to describe it is like comparing an entry level phone (SP4000) or a mid end phone (SP5500), to a top end phone (MG5050).

Both the Spectra and Magellan systems will complete the desired functions most alarm owners need, and be compatible with most components.

The main difference is the MG5050 will outperform the other systems in terms of its processing capacity.

That doesn’t mean you should upgrade to the MG5050 system immediately though.

If you are only after a basic alarm system (perhaps with the ability to add a couple of wireless sensors or remotes), then the Spectra series will serve you well and save you a bit on the price.

However, if you need a complete wireless system, or a wireless siren for example, then you’ll need to get the MG5050 system.

If you would like some free advice on an alarm system you’ve been quoted, then give us a call on 0800 112 335. We’re more than happy to have a no obligation chat with you and give you some advice depending on your requirements.

Comparison Chart

MG = Magallen series

SP = SP series

Touchscreen Keypads:

MG or SP

Wireless Sirens:


Wireless Keypads:


Wireless Sensors:

MG or SP (with RX1 receiver)

Phone App Monitoring:

MG or SP

Remote Controls:

MG or SP (with RX1 receiver)


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