How To Setup Insite Gold

Setting up your phone app (Insite Gold) is easy.

Insite Gold can be added to multiple iOS/Android devices to remotely arm/disarm and monitor your alarm system.*

Remember, there is an annual fee of approximately $14 USD payable per site which covers multiple devices. This fee is payable directly to Paradox. We’ve included your first 3 years for free.

Please ensure your keep your phone, and the Insite Gold app, up to date. This will ensure your device is equipped to receive alerts.

Step 1:

Go to your app store or Google Play store and download the application “Insite Gold” by Paradox.

Launch it.

Step 2:

Press the “+” button on the left side of the Paradox Insite Gold phone app, to add your new alarm to your devices phone/s.

Step 3:

In the first field, type anything you like in. This is your alarm name that is unique to your phone. What you write here, won’t copy into anyone else’s phone – if they too are using the app.

In the middle field, write in the SITE ID that was provided in your email sent by Crosbies Security (or your installer).

In the last field, write in the EMAIL that was provided in your email sent by Crosbies Security (or your installer).

Press “Add Site”.

Your alarm system will now appear in your phone.

Step 4:

Click on your newly created site within the Paradox alarm Insite Gold app, and enter your pin number. You will now be connected to your alarm system.

Terms & Conditions of Using Insite Gold

  1. Crosbies Security Limited do not have any part in maintaining the Insite Gold application. It is imperative you keep your phone, and the app, up to date – to ensure you will achieve full functionality.

  2. Although Insite Gold is reliable almost all of the time, Crosbies Security cannot be liable for any downtime caused as a result of unplanned phone updates, app updates, power failures, internet connectivity issues (at the users end) or any other factor that may impact the apps performance.

  3. Insite Gold requires a reliable internet connection at both your alarm, and your phone. If you know that you can often have trouble with your internet connection, then you may need to consider using a standalone sim card module for your alarm to avoid your unreliable internet connection.

  4. Insite Gold should not be used as a monitored alarm replacement. Nothing is more reliable than having a guard receive an SMS through a solid 2G data connection, with the guard then being able to follow up by way of phone call.


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