Timelapse camera

Timelapse Camera.

Standalone Camera (4k) or
With Security Setup (1080p).

4k Ultra High Definition Timelapse Cameras Available

Security System + Timelapse available on our 1080p cameras

Full rendering of the video included in the hire rate

Records CCTV in the background at all times motion is detected

Client access (great for board rooms, reception desks, etc)

Live viewing for real time project updates

actioncam hd video camera

Building Security Camera System

Crosbies provide high-quality solar powered time lapse video camera solutions for construction projects. A time lapse camera will set up a video capture system based on your specification to ensure you receive a time-lapse video that captures your project perfectly

Solar Powered Time Lapse Camera

Crosbies provide high-quality solar powered time lapse video camera solutions for construction projects. The cameras will set up a time lapse camera system based on your specification to ensure you receive a time-lapse video that captures your project perfectly.

Pink Construction installed a 1080p security system to double as their timelapse camera.

Capturing 1080p images every 2-hours, at the conclusion of the project we completed a full render of the timelapse video including providing the location map, logos and theme music.

The raw data can also be made available so your own marketing team can deploy and create promotional videos.

Crosbies can also add security set up to your camera installation. That way, it can send alert notifications to our security team or you directly.

Hockey Stadium Timelapse

The raw footage from our 1080p security cameras can also be exported to allow for timelapse video creation.

This timelapse video was created from the site security camera, so although its core focus was to protect machinery and equipment, it created an awesome timelapse of the project.

You can have a good view with Solar Powered Time Lapse Video Camera

Real Time Web Access

At any time during the project, you can view the project unfolding in real time.

This feature is great for reception foyers, meeting rooms (marketing), project meetings and more.

You can sub down access to multiple users, so clients can see progress updates in real time or historical snapshots of the progress.

Why do I need a Building Security Camera System?

  • Capture 1080p images every 2-hours – Our outdoor time lapse camera takes crystal clear images every 2 hours and sends them via Wifi to our security team, allowing you to use the secure client portal to view recent images of your project. 
  • Improved security – By installing solar powered time lapse video camera around your construction site or building, you can improve your security measures and reduce theft or vandalism. 
  • Security alert notification – When you install the solar powered outdoor security camera, it will not only provide real-time intelligence 24/7 but also detect motion and send alert notifications to our security team or your mobile devices.
  • Solar-powered – Crosbies provide solar powered outdoor security camera, which means that it does not need a power source and long cables.

Time Lapse Video Camera

The benefits of our camera systems are countless. We’ve highlighted just some of them below:

  • Reduced costs – You can access your camera feed from any location, on any Internet-enabled device. Thus, you can reduce travel costs and driving time from one construction site to another.
  • Remote real-time monitoring – The building time lapse camera allows you to gain real-time remote site access and progress monitoring at your convenience. 
  • Teamwork and collaboration – We offer features like remote viewing, live video streaming, and image capturing. This can be used to promote transparency and build trust among stakeholders. It also allows project managers, trade people, site managers and other key stakeholders to communicate and collaborate with ease.
  • Risk and safety – Your camera system captures usual records of day-to-day site activity and incidents. It also conducts real-time site monitoring, which enables managers to quickly assess compliance with safety requirements and monitors where workers, equipment and materials are in transit to identify potential safety issues.
  • Marketing – Many innovative construction companies utilise the 4k Ultra High Definition footage as an advertising material to promote their work efficiently, quality, integrity and completed projects.
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If you are looking for professional security services which you can rely on, you are not going to be disappointed with Crosbies’ security service. Crosbies are one of the top security companies in Auckland and Hamilton. We aim to serve our clients bespoke service with integrity and professionalism.

Our guards’ top priority is to provide you with a safe and secure environment at all times. We are committed to continually improve the quality of our security service. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of response services including mobile patrol, physical security, personal protection and event security.

With Auckland and Hamilton having such a wide-ranging variety of businesses, the need for business owners to keep premises and staff safe is paramount. Our 24 hour security services provide high standards of integrity and excellence on all provisions of services. We also complete rigorous background checks on all of our operatives.

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We’ve made it easy for you to get your solar powered time lapse video camera up and running

The process for installing a time lapse video camera is simple. We first discuss your building or construction project needs, determine the number of building time lapse cameras you need, the ideal position to capture a full coverage, and the size of your site or project. Combined with our expertise in security guard and our director’s experience from the New Zealand Police force, we will put together a comprehensive quote and installation plan which will show where and how we plan to install the time lapse camera system.

Once the solar powered time lapse video camera system is installed, we can virtual guard your site and provide security services if required. At the end of your construction project, we can create a time lapse video for you to advertise your project to your clients and investors.

Looking for a solar powered time lapse video camera or security camera in Auckland or Hamilton? Contact the experts at Crosbies at 0800 113 262. We’ll be happy to get all your time lapse video camera needs sorted.


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