Elite series camera

New Zealand’s #1

Solar Crime Prevention System.

Flood Lights & Sirens triggered by up to 100 wireless sensors per system

Monitored 24/7 by our NZ based monitoring station, all inclusive

Records CCTV in the background at all times motion is detected

Takes hourly images in 4k definition for time lapse

Smart phone and web app accessible

Best Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras in NZ

Wireless Solar Powered Motion Light Camera

Having reliable and dependable outdoor security cameras at your disposal can be a big relief in NZ, considering the constantly increasing incidents of criminal activities. Crosbies is the leading provider of outdoor CCTV security cameras in NZ, supply the Elite series cameras backed by a comprehensive service that covers installation, maintenance, security response, and mobile patrol.

Form Building & Developments installed our monitored solar camera at a school build in South Auckland.

The client was concerned in general with burglary, theft & vandalism at their site offices & containers.

On this alert, Police were dispatched and confirmed that our camera successfully prevented any theft or vandalism from occurring.

If you are a business owner or own a construction business, proper outdoor CCTV security cameras around the perimeters of your NZ property are of utmost importance. These outdoor security cameras NZ record activity 24/7 and their feed is monitored by our trained staff all the time. Should we receive any activations from the outdoor security cameras, our security staff will assess the footage and determine the best course of action (e.g. dispatch the closest security patrol, call the police, record the video footage, etc.).

Phone 0800 113 262 to learn more about our solar security deterrent solution.


Recent Work.

Dual lens Solar Powered camera solution protecting a civil & construction site in Auckland

Form Building & Developments chose Crosbies Security to secure this project with a combination of x2 Elite Series dual lens cameras and sensors. The site is large and required a pragmatic solution to protecting the multiple risk points. We will also take high 4k definition images.

heb construction chose crosbies security to protect puhinui park civil works
man checking for solar cameras for security guard services
50w flood lights activate on motion being detected, startling offenders and providing high quality images to be passed over to our monitoring station
Haydn & Rollett Use Our Systems Across Multiple Sites As A Cost Effective Solution To Managing Overall Security Risks

Captures Stunning HD Timelapse

All our cameras include a timelapse ability.

Our client, Pink Construction, installed a camera for security and time lapse on one of their daycare projects in Auckland.

Check out their hard work from start to finish, captured in stunning high definition.

Our solar wireless outdoor security camera is becoming increasingly popular with the construction industry and property developers in NZ. The wire-free construction security camera is aimed to take out the fuss and time-consuming task of installing in those last-minute situations. Crosbies staff can complete installations within the hour so you will have a fully monitored construction security camera system that protects your assets and eliminate costly call-outs.

Crime Compilation Video

We take great pride in ensuring crime is stopped in its tracks!

Here is a compilation of the crimes we successfully prevented from occurring in November 2019.

After each event that our monitored solar camera systems capture, we’ll compile the footage and provide it to you in a simple format.

We also supply and install solar IP camera which transmits live footage using Wifi connection and can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet. 

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor CCTV security cameras for your site surveillance and security, we can provide you with the right security systems in NZ.

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If you are looking for professional security services which you can rely on, you are not going to be disappointed with Crosbies’ security service. Crosbies are one of the top security companies in Auckland and Hamilton. We aim to serve our clients bespoke service with integrity and professionalism.

Our guards’ top priority is to provide you with a safe and secure environment at all times. We are committed to continually improve the quality of our security service. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of response services including mobile patrol, physical security, personal protection and event security.

With Auckland and Hamilton having such a wide-ranging variety of businesses, the need for business owners to keep premises and staff safe is paramount. Our 24 hour security services provide high standards of integrity and excellence on all provisions of services. We also complete rigorous background checks on all of our operatives.

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Suppliers of the Leading Wireless Solar Powered Outdoor Security Cameras in NZ

At Crosbies, we can supply and install solar powered motion light with security camera at your premise. The solar powered motion light with a security camera is an eco-friendly way to keep your sit well-lit night and day. Because they are wireless and run on solar energy, you do not need to worry about a power cut, which is a time when thieves and burglars tend to be most active. This makes them ideal outdoor security cameras.

Apart from providing security and lighting, solar powered cameras are easy to install and will not increase your power bill. Solar powered cameras are a good option at places where running long electric cables would be expensive and impossible, such as construction sites. It is highly sensitive to motion, and instantly activates the siren when it detects intruders.

Our experienced staff installs your solar wireless outdoor security camera in a position to achieve maximum coverage and ensures the minimum number of cameras needed.

If you’re in Auckland or Hamilton and looking for more information about our weatherproof, durable and dependable solar outdoor CCTV security cameras in NZ, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 113 262.

Our vision solutions are adaptable to many uses cases including:

Civil & construction site deterrent

Building yard CCTV & alarms

Temporary event CCTV

Protecting containers & portacoms

Transport & trucking yards

heb construction chose crosbies security to protect puhinui park civil works

Crosbies Security make it affordable to install our vision solutions.

We offer the option to hire CCTV or buy CCTV outright.

Phone 0800 113 262 to learn more about hiring or buying one of our vision systems.


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